Born in Merano on February 24th, 1979. I am a stock photographer specialized in travel photography.

The desire to see the World and travel emerged in 2004 when I decided to travel for four months between Australia and New Zealand alone with my backpack. In 2006, the passion for photography has turned into a real job.

I speak Italian, English and German.

I currently live in Verona, in the past I lived also in Sydney, Florence and Berlin. I visited the following countries: Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Austria, Switzerland, England, France, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, China (and Tibet), Belgium, Malta, Morocco, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Turkey, Norway, Denmark, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Portugal, Thailand, Hong Kong, Ireland, Czech Republic, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Canada (and Quebec).

My images and videos are distributed by Getty Images.

My photos have been published also in the following magazines and websites:

I spent the last 10 years traveling the world, exploring beautiful landscapes and meeting people of different cultures. I’ve been living in a dream: the perfect job with lot of freedom and adventurous experiences. I am a photographer with a wide experience in travel and lifestyle photography.

I also worked as photo editor for international agencies and as country manager for Getty Images.

At the moment I am focusing my effort on lifestyle photography. A huge part of my current portfolio was born in New York City where I worked with lot of models creating fashionable images with high commercial value.